Welcome to Hershey Elite All Stars.

We are honored you have decided to check out our program and look forward to a great season with you and your family.  This will be our second season, or as I like to say, Part 2 of Season 1 since we never had the opportunity to complete our first season.   We have a great year in store for everyone and are so excited to get things started.   So, buckle up, it’s going to be an amazing journey.

This document will provide you with information to get you started in what we hope is a great year, as your family will love being a part of the sweetest place to cheer- Hershey Elite.

What makes Hershey Elite a great program is our love and passion for the sport of cheerleading, not only by the owners, coaches and staff, but also by the love our athletes feel each and every time they step into the gym.  Our “state of the art” facility provides every opportunity available to help your child achieve their goals.


We are beyond excited for the opportunity to show you and your athlete what they are capable of and help to grow them not only as strong successful athletes, but outstanding members of their respective schools and communities.   What we strive to teach at Hershey Elite is not just success on the floor, but success in life. 


Hershey Elite

If you are interested in joining our half year program, or finding out about our full year teams, please contact us (717) 975-7332.